Kutula Kiss | Katula Peace Bracelet (Rock-On)
Kutula Kiss | Katula Peace Bracelet (Rock-On)

Kutula Kiss | Katula Peace Bracelet (Rock-On)

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Show your Army pride with Layers of Gold bracelets from Kutula Kiss! This line from the Free Spirit collection is perfect for Soldiers off duty or military spouses.

Kutula Kiss Peace bracelet is hand loomed using ancient Egyptian techniques. The gold patterned bracelet embellished with black Swarovski crystals and trimmed with black Japanese glass beads sparkles any casual outfit. Features a macrame closure & Kutula Kiss logo charm. Adorn as a stand alone piece or make a statement with a stack of bracelets from the collection!

*Hand loomed in Colombia

The Kutula Kiss Story

A far cry from conventionally produced jewelry, Kutula Kiss brings together women from around the world in a project of collaboration, creativity and understanding. Kutula literally means “peace” and that is what their vision is all about.

Kutula Kiss was formed when founders, Cindy Berg and Kathy Pettigrew discovered the artisanal workmanship of Colombia. During a trip to the culturally rich country, they fell in love with the people, the pace and the beauty. Out of this an idea was hatched: to bring quality craftsmanship from the hands of skilled artisans back to North America, ensure fair trade wages and a dependable income while empowering and supporting women to develop their handicraft.

From this idea, Kathy and Cindy set out to create a beautiful custom line of jewelry that expressed their journey and their vision. They wanted to do something different, something that connected the consumer to the process, something that enriched their appreciation for travel, culture and creativity.

Kutula Kiss – “Kiss the World” was born.

They opened a design studio in West Vancouver, and began cultivating the line’s aesthetic of intricately woven, hand-crafted jewelry. The collaborative process between the studio, the design team, and the artisans solidifies the Kutula Kiss message.

To “Kiss the World” symbolizes sharing good things, giving, love of experience and exploring.