Sword & Plough | BRASS .50 CALIBER TIE BAR

Sword & Plough | BRASS .50 CALIBER TIE BAR

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Handcrafted brass tie bar made from a 50 caliber brass shell casing. It's the perfect menswear accessory to bring your wardrobe to the next level! Dress up the business-casual look, or give your suit a little extra pop with this classic piece. 

About Sword & Plough

Emily Núñez Cavness and Betsy Núñez are sisters and the co-founders of Sword & Plough. Sword & Plough creates stylish bags and accessories made from repurposed military surplus and other military grade materials. They work with U.S. manufacturers that are owned or partially staffed by veterans, and donate 10% of our profits to veteran non-profit organizations such as Got Your 6 and Team Red, White & Blue.  Sword & Plough's mission is to empower veteran employment, reduce waste, and strengthen civil-military understanding. Emily and Betsy grew up in a military family, and Emily also served in the U.S. Army. During her service, she deployed to Afghanistan and served in a Special Forces unit.  

About the Brass Tie Bar from Sword & Plough

We’ve teamed up with Bang Bang Ballistic to bring you an exclusive line of handcrafted brass accessories made from repurposed bullet casings.

Veteran and artist Shanna Rodenberg served eight years as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Upon returning from Afghanistan in 2005, she began to experiment with making jewelry out of spent ammunition.

What began as a therapeutic hobby to help adjust to civilian life has turned into an amazing small business that we are thrilled to partner with.

Our brass accessories are all handmade, so keep in mind that each piece will have its own unique character!  

Each piece has been polished with a light renaissance wax to hold its original color and shine longer, but because the jewelry is made from solid brass, it will develop a beautiful patina over time.

If you would like to maintain your piece's original luster, you can clean with a gentle cleanser and polish with a soft cloth.