Mother's Day Guide 2021: Here's what Mom really wants!

The pandemic that completely flipped our world last year has taught us many things, but one thing we really learned is just how strong and resilient mothers are! A lot of us had to quit our jobs, start homeschooling for the first time, and some moms had to spend several months away from their adult children and grandchildren. Needless to say, this Mother's Day should be an extra special one.

With that being said, we put together a blog full of different ways to shower all the "Moms" in your life (Safely, of course)!

Let's start off with a toast...

Sparkling Raspberry Lemon Mimosas
Sparkling Raspberry Lemon Mimosas


  • 4 ounces chilled Brut Champagne or sparkling wine, cork just popped
  • 2 ounces raspberry lemonade, pulp strained out if desired
  • Fresh raspberries, sprinkled with white granulated sugar


  • Pour about 2 ounces of champagne into a champagne flute (about ⅔ of the way up)
  • Pour about 1 ounce of raspberry lemonade into the flute (almost filling the flute)
  • Top with fresh sugared raspberries. Enjoy!

If she would like to opt for a non-alcoholic beverage, you can remove the champagne and replace with sparkling soda! Either way, remember that presentation goes a long way!

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

 Ways to celebrate Mom at home

Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma

Ways to celebrate Grandma from afar

    • Set up a video call date (I'm pretty sure we're all professionals at using FaceTime and Zoom at this point!)
    • Send her a bouquet of flowers
    • Order her a tasty meal from a local restaurant (you may be supporting a fellow mom's small business!)
    • Send her a thoughtful gift filled with photos of her sweet grandchildren! (Here is a link to different options from Etsy!)

Gift ideas from WILCO SUPPLY
(the perfect list of gifts that won't hurt your budget for all the other amazing things you'll be putting together!)

NLS Jewelry Circle Tag Necklace 

NLS Jewelry | Circle Tag Necklace

This necklace would make an amazing gift for a first time mom whose life just changed forever. This piece looks great layered or simply on its own, with a tag engraved with the quote "It was then that I carried you."

Harvest Label Urban Crosspack
Harvest Label | Urban Cross Pack

When a Mom has her hands full between groceries, kids, and the never-ending list of errands, what could possibly make things easier? HANDS-FREE SHOPPING! She can sling this Harvest Label Urban Cross pack around her shoulder or across the body. With multiple pockets and entry points combined with an understated color scheme, this practical everyday bag is a subtle, but eye catching bag for the busy mom.

Stella Valle Bracelets
Stella Valle | Bracelets

Every mom needs a little bling, right? This beautiful charm bracelet with a twist is the perfect accessory to add to her wardrobe! Each bracelet has an engraved phrase to go along with a charm at the end. You can choose from bracelets that say “Do what you love. Love what you do” to “be your own kind of beautiful.” Check out our selection of Stella Valle bracelets to see what would be the perfect message to gift.

Spark Wristlet

HButler | Spark Wristlet

Is there a mom in your life that is constantly taking pictures and videos.. then ultimately runs out of battery? This one is for her. Crafted from high quality genuine leather, this wristlet features a built-in charger subtly disguised in a removable pocket to keep her phone fully charged while she’s on the go. This wristlet is compatible with all smartphones including both Android and iPhone (models 5 and later), with all necessary cables included. iPhone and USB-C adapters are included!

Sword and Plough Bar Necklace

Sword & Plough | Bar Necklace

Simple and charming. Does that description fit the mom in your life as well? If so, why not gift her with this beautiful Sword & Plough Bar necklace!

A beautiful neck length piece hand-crafted from a .50 caliber shell casing. This perfect everyday necklace combines an elegant form with durable shell casing brass to create a look that is both rugged and refined.

Each piece is one of a kind and hand hammered from repurposed bullet casings.

Necklace measures 16” with an additional 2” extender.

Rains Cosmetic Bag

Rains | Cosmetic Bag

Does she need a go-to cosmetic bag? This Rains Cosmetic Bag is a small waterproof wash bag constructed to hold small accessories and beauty essentials. Clean and simple, it is made from a matte, waterproof fabric and features a water repellent zipper, a main compartment, and a pocket sleeve.

Druzy Necklace


NLS Jewelry Druzy Stud Earrings

NLS Jewelry | Druzy Stud Earrings and Matching Druzy Necklace

Every mom needs a set of sparkle earrings and a matching necklace! These fun and unique pieces of art give you the perfect taste of fabulous. There are several different color options to blend with your style and each pair of studs comes with an inspirational card to keep with you for those rainy days.

Orbit | Keychain

Even though moms are multitasking QUEENS, no one can escape inevitable misplacement of their keys or phone! So here is the solution for it: snag her an Orbit Keychain. With the push of a button and a free app, this keychain can locate her phone, her keys, or even take a selfie. Orbit is a tiny bluetooth device crafted in anodized aluminium and can be attached to any of her valuables.

Stella Valle Empowered Women Empower Women necklace

Stella Valle | Empowered Women Empower Women Necklace

Who could be more empowering than the mom in our life? This 18" Stella Valle necklace is both an accessory and a statement. Attached is a tag engraved with "Empowered Women Empower Women" and the Woman Warrior logo.



Sometimes we just don’t know 100% what the moms in our life could want.. but something they will never say no to is OPTIONS! We have eGift cards ready so she can shop online or in our showroom!


And last, but not least, the most important thing we can do is remind our mothers how much we love and appreciate her. As a mom of two myself, I know that sometimes we go through moments where we forget how amazing and capable we are. So, I wanted to share this beautiful letter written by Joanna Gaines called "A letter to Moms." Read, share, and inspire.



Kaye Paraoan


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