There’s something exciting about back-to-school season! It’s like a mid-year New Year’s Day... with opportunities for a fresh start, resolutions and of course, new backpacks to carry fresh books! Whether you’re preparing for a professional military education course, ROTC, a military academy or you’re a civilian heading back to school, we have a great variety of backpacks for everyone.

BAGGU Drawstring Backpack

➣ This canvas drawstring backpack is great for so many things. Work, the gym, school!

BAGGU Ripstop Backpack

➣ This BAGGU backpack is made of lightweight ripstop material, making it extra comfortable. It’s easy to fold and store as a second bag to stash in another bag to have on hand. It is also a great bags to store in your vehicle glove box or wall locker.  

BAGGU Work Backpack

➣ Backpacks aren’t just for school anymore! This chic leather backpack is a great accessory for the office. Its minimalist look is perfect for any outfit.

Harvest Label 3-Way Travel Pack

 ➣ The essential for the business traveler: this bag transforms easily from a backpack, to a messenger bag, to a briefcase.

Harvest Highline Daypack

➣ This backpack is great for camping and all other endeavors. Its sleek, minimal, and durable.

Harvest Label Rolltop Backpack

➣ This rugged bag will take you on all of your adventures. It has plenty of space to fit everything needed for your journey. This has been an airplane carry-on favorite.  

Harvest Label Tourer Backpack Ballistic

➣ This backpack has a beautiful and unique shape that allows you to carry maximum supplies. The cool detail base gives it a classy finish.

Harvest Label Tourer Backpack Cordura

➣ Like its ballistic brother backpack, its silhouette maximizes space. This backpack has a casual vibe to it with its canvas exterior.

Pacsafe Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

➣ This backpack is equipped with anti-theft technology which makes it great for traveling. Keep all your belongings safe in the airport and on the street. 

Rains Backpack

➣ Our newest addition to our backpack collection, this waterproof bag with water resistant zippers will keep all of your essentials dry, rain or shine.

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