BAGGU OBSESSION: the act of being completely fixated on beautiful leather and canvas bags made by BAGGU that go with every look, pair of shoes, and occasion. 

Trust us - it's a problem you won't mind having ;)


Our highlight this week: BAGGU LEATHER
The shape, the milled leather feel, and the size. This little black bag goes with a casual modern look, a dress to an art show, or a trip to the market. It's effortless design allows for adaption to any occasion and will last you through every fashion trend.
Did we mention it's real leather made in the USA?

BAGGU Leather Circle Purse

BAGGU Lens Crossbody

BAGGU Drawstring Purse

BAGGU Large Clutch

BAGGU Large Pouch


Night out on the town or a day out with friends, here are some of our favorite looks with our favorite BAGGU bags. 

For the All Natural 


For the Simplistic

For the Thrift Queen

For the Modern Chic

For the Sunday Best

For the Casual Chic

For the Grab and Go

We hope you're inspired by our weekly FAV! Outfits and bags go hand in hand.

Shop online or join us Thursdays and Fridays 12pm - 5pm for an intimate shopping experience in our Showroom. 
Keep browsing and keep obsessing!
Thank you to all of our customers for your ongoing support of shopping local, we truly appreciate you and your business <3. 


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