Basic Training Essentials

Preparing for Basic Training and time in the service that follows can be extremely intimidating. There’s a lot of preparation involved that many people don’t even know about. If you want to ship to basic training and show up to your unit even more prepared than your peers, there are a few things that are useful to have. For this reason, we are highlighting a few of our items that would be helpful for any service member whether you’re packing for Basic, fresh out of your Advanced Individual Training (AIT) or been in for a little while.

BAGGU cardholder

Not only does this leather cardholder fit perfectly into the pockets of the Army OCP uniform, but it’s an item most Basic Training programs require anyway if you don’t have one.  Contrary to the limited options available for sale at reception for basic (for many of us, only one style was available), this card holder has several pockets, and is easy to pull cards in and out of.  With this cardholder, you can keep any debit/credit cards, building access cards, and, of course, your military ID easily accessible and neatly organized.


BAGGU Dopp Kit

Another item that is often required to buy for basic training is a hygiene kit. This BAGGU version has pockets in the inner lining for better organization (the military is really big on all things organization). This dopp kit has a zipper pocket on one side for more discreet storage of smaller hygiene items, and two pockets lining the other side, which could easily serve as a perfect place for females who might need the millions of bobby pins necessary to keep your hair looking the “basic training standard.” 

b.u. Jewelry Religious Medals (Protection / Protection for Your Journey)

The military may be pretty strict about uniform standards, but it is still very respectful of individuals’ religious beliefs. Although most jewelry is not allowed in uniform, there are a few exceptions, including religious medals.  The b.u. jewelry religious medals we offer can be worn under the uniform T-shirt and allow individuals to keep their beliefs close to their heart, on or off duty.


BAGGU Canvas Duffel

Everyone knows that physical fitness is a huge part of the military.  Not only do you do PT as part of work, but many people tend to go to the gym off-duty as well. Whether you’re in a PT uniform, duty uniform or in civilian clothes, this duffel bag is the perfect size for a gym bag and can be carried in uniform. If you’re like me, buying a gym-sized duffel bag is also good motivation to go to the gym more often!

Pacsafe Metrosafe 22L GII anti-theft travel backpack

For those who haven’t shipped to basic training, the trip there requires a select few items as you will most likely be traveling out of state and still be in civilian clothes while you’re waiting for your uniforms to be issued to you. This backpack is perfect for a spare change of clothes and a few hygiene items. Once you’re done with Basic and you have to travel to AIT, you will most likely be traveling in uniform. This all-black backpack will comply with military regulations and is anti-theft, which could come in handy for all the personal documents you will have to carry on your person during your flight or bus ride.

Whether you’re about to ship to Basic training, already in the military, or have a friend who is in the military, these items will help anyone be fully prepared for military life!

- Grace Nechanicky, WILCO LIFE Ambassador

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