Here's Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide to Spread Cheer Early this Year

Here’s Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide to Spread Cheer Early this Year

2020 has been anything but traditional, wouldn’t you say? So I figured I’d continue the theme of breaking traditions by saying YES to talking about the holiday season before Halloween.

To spread the cheer early this year, my team and I compiled a gift guide featuring our favorites from the WILCO SUPPLY shop. Check it out below!

*Although, full disclosure: now more than ever, none of these items are intended to replace or outweigh the genuine benefits of good health and good company.

For the Ladies in Your Life:

  1. Harvest Label Urban Crosspack


This is a best-seller and for a good reason! If the special lady in your life is always on the move, or constantly finds herself in need of an extra set of hands, the Harvest Label Urban Crosspack has her name written all over it. With multiple zippered pockets and an expandable main compartment, you’ll find it has just enough room to carry day-to-day necessities!

  1. HButler Mighty Purse Matte Black Wristlet

All eyes should be on this seemingly small but mighty purse! While there are plenty of reasons why, one is the fact that it features a concealed slimline battery to charge your phone on-the-go. Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to worrying about that "low battery" notification when out and about.

Looking for a more affordable alternative? Here’s something you might like.

  1. Echo Classic Touch Gloves

What do you gift someone that is constantly on the go but already has a go-to bag? The perfect pair of Echo Classic Touch Gloves! This wool, nylon and cashmere blend paired with touch-screen-compatible technology make these gloves a cold weather essential.

  1. Kutula Kiss Bracelets

Who could say no to adding another piece of jewelry to their collection?! Especially when it’s a unique bracelet made by Kutula Kiss. The pieces are both handcrafted and tell a pretty incredible story if you ask me. Simply put, the benefits of your purchase will go beyond making the recipient of your gift smile. It’ll also ignite change for the brand’s artisans located in Columbia. 

  1. Stella Valle Bracelet

If you’re searching for a gift that brings warm wishes and inspiration to someone you love, I think you’ll be a big-time fan of Stella Valle’s bracelet collection. Choose from designs that already offer a message engraved (such as “STAY POSITIVE” or “DO WHAT YOU LOVE. LOVE WHAT YOU DO.”), or create your very own.

For the Fellas in Your Life:

  1. Sword & Plough Cufflinks

While holiday gatherings may be few and far between due to this year’s pandemic, give your guy something to look forward to wearing when special events safely resume once again: these Sword & Plough cufflinks! They not only look easy on the eyes, but they’re also crafted using repurposed military jacket buttons and embossed with the Union Eagle. Talk about a conversation starter!

  1. Sword & Plough Tie Bar

When your fella needs to add a dapper touch to his wardrobe, this Sword & Plough tie bar should help do the trick. It’s handcrafted from a 50-caliber brass shell casing, making it a classic accessory to help him look and feel like the true gentleman he is.

  1. Harvest Label Kamper Crosspack

Tired of your guy wearing pants with all the pockets so he can carry all his everyday essentials? The Harvest Label Kamper Crosspack will give him a really good reason to toss them in the donate pile sooner than later! Its slick style with leather accents and a roomy compartment (with an added tablet sleeve to carry tech as large as an iPad mini!) make it all the more appealing for any time, any place. 

  1. HButler Orbit Wallet

Maybe you’re planning on gifting yourself the MightyPurse wristlet I shared above, and you know the man in your life will be a little jealous of its tech feature (aka a slimline battery to keep your phone charged)! If that’s the case, get him the HButler Orbit Wallet, and thank me later.

For Anyone & Everyone:

  1. Sword & Plough Black Card Holder

A wallet that keeps your ID and cards organized, secure, and easily accessible, so you're not scrambling for any of it while you’re out and about around town? This Sword & Plough Black Card Holder offers all of that, and at a good price point. 

  1. Sword & Plough Travel Kit


Know someone who’s got a love for travel or plans to head out of town for the holiday season? Gift them this Camo Travel Kit by Sword & Plough. It’s just the right size to hold those on-the-go toiletries. Not to mention it’s made of water-resistant American leather! The cool camo design is just the icing on the cake.

Need more ideas? Shop with some of our friends!

There are SO many beloved military- and veteran-owned shops at your fingertips. And I don’t want to miss naming any of them! So if you’re looking for additional gift inspiration, check out the Spouse-ly marketplace and Shop Military

For more favorites from our supply and behind-the-scenes looks at how we’re prepping for the season ahead, be sure to follow along on Instagram!

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