Holiday promo planning – invite for my fellow product biz friends!

Apologies I’m sharing this so late… my 9-to-5 job has turned into a 9-to-9 lately and I just haven’t had the bandwidth to share this.

I wanted to share with you an amazing, free 5-day challenge that sets you up for your holiday promotions. The program closes tonight though so you’ll need to register now here if you’re interested!

Should I be sharing this now? Nope, I should have provided this info last week.  But this is pure gold and I don’t want you to miss out (I’ll try to get to you earlier on the next one!).

I’ve been doing this challenge for WILCO SUPPLY the past couple years for several reasons:
it brings me results (2021 sales in Q4 increased by 19%!),
it’s the roadmap I’ve needed (previously I was “throwing spaghetti on the wall”),
it’s easy and fast to implement (“snack-sized” tasks), 
and my promos are done waaaay before the holidays so I have more time during the season for family (and everything else on my plate ).

You can tune in live Friday and catch up on the replays over the weekend and early next week. I’m late in the game and yes, the doors opened to the paid program which I could also rave about all day long, but don’t let that distract from the free challenge which will set you up for the holidays. If you do end up having questions about the program, feel free to ask (I can also give you my discount code as an affiliate partner).

Happy holidays!!!

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