Inspirational Military Women We Love Following

What's life without growth? One of the best ways to achieve your goals is with a positive, encouraging, and healthy community that's filled with people who you admire, look up to, and who exude the same qualities you aspire to master. And because we spend so much of our time online (social media in particular), what better place to start than Instagram to seek out positive influencers in our military community?

So, today, I'm sharing a handful of awesome military bloggers and influencers who inspire me. In no particular order, of course...

Emileigh Rogers of Lead With The Left and Flashback Summer

Meet Emileigh Rogers, aka Lead With The Left and Flashback Summer! This military spouse turned Air Force Public Affairs Officer, not to mention an incredible photographer, exudes positive vibes only. Her website, Flashback Summer, is dedicated to sharing the Vintage lifestyle! An inspiration to all, her down-to-earth, candid presence on social media is what the world needs more of. I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out Emileigh was moving to Alaska! It's been so fun watching her embrace the Alaska life since she and her family PCS'd to Eielson Air Force Base last fall!

Arabia Shanklin 

Arabia is a force. Beyond setting an incredible example for women following in her footsteps (which is enough in itself!), this Navy officer, TV/film actor and model is committed to empowering others to pursue multipassions. She is constantly helping others through 1:1 life balance coaching, while also serving as an ambassador for the Foundation for Women Warriors and the Proudly She Served Project.

KellieReneHall aka Lieutenant Hall

Say hi to Lieutenant Kellie Hall! Here are a few things I love about this incredible Navy officer, speaker, model and Miss California USA Runner-up:

  1. She just wrapped up 5 years as one of the top recruiters for the Navy. Not only has she navigated being a woman serving in the military with plenty of moxie, but she's also leading others to do the same! I can't wait to watch her next chapter as she continues to serve in her next Navy position in Chicago! 
  2. In her podcast, MISSUNDERSTOOD, Kellie explains why being “Miss”Understood by others and in passions means you're closer to understanding your OWN life. Each episode is a dose of inspiration and motivation!
  3. While she's conquered her job (in a field dominated by men), she holds her own. She's fierce, and she's feminine—and that combo is something to celebrate.  

Jasmine Manning

Jasmine Manning, a public affairs officer in the Air Force, model, and traveler, is currently stationed in the U.K! She sparks some serious wanderlust. Her journey is a beautiful one, and it inspires adventures and leaves you feeling at peace (and maybe a little envious)! We love following Jasmine and her adorable dog, Beau!

Marina Gilliland 

I've followed Marina since her days as a cadet at West Point. And let me tell you, her journey is a joy to witness. From her commissioning to her wedding to her West Point sweetheart, and now her photography (a skill she's truly mastered), she's a bright light radiating positivity. I mean it when I say that her journey through life is one you want a front row seat to. 


Katie Vail

Meet the Katie Vail of the blog, Stripes and Whimsy! While serving as an Active Duty Army Captain at the Pentagon in 2013, Katie decided to start her blog as a creative outlet. Seven years, five moves, three babies and one blog name change later, her blog about decorating has morphed into a place where she shares her classic yet affordable style, the occasional DIY project, her candid experience with motherhood, and health and fitness tips for the busy woman trying to juggle it all. She is married to her husband, Tom, and they share three children named Jackson, Caroline and Tate.

Alexia Raissa Mbolo

Alexia Raissa Mbolo

This highly-skilled lady is a Sergeant in the Army, dancer, entrepreneur, makeup artist, and global health advocate! Alexia's a vibrant presence on social media where she showcases her incredible style as well as a behind the scenes look at life in the military. You can tell she’s unapologetically herself, and that’s what I love most about her! Alexia was even featured in a Vogue magazine story (along with Arabia and Deshauna!) about the trailblazing generation of black military servicewomen embracing the natural hair movement.

Lisa A. Jaster 

They say your world stops when you have kids. They change everything. But they certainly don't put an end to our aspirations. No, they only help us get real about them, and make them a reality. As the first mom to ever complete Ranger School, Lisa Jaster is living proof. She's the one to keep you motivated, moving and going after your goals. 

I had the honor of working with Justine during a training exercise in Mongolia years ago! And let me tell you, she's incredible. A Marine Corps veteran, media artist, and former podcast host and producer of Skimm This, she’s the kind of person who accomplishes what she sets out to do. She even raised $30,000 for the Headstrong Project to help connect best-in-class trauma-informed clinicians with military veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and military sexual trauma. She's been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, and a campaign for Fashion La Ligne!

Deshauna Barber 

Want to talk about a woman who not only serves in the military but also conquers all her ambitions? Deshauna sets the bar for success. She's a former Miss USA, a motivational speaker and is the CEO of Servicewomen's Action Network, all while serving in the Army. She shows us there are no limits to what you can achieve. How inspirational is that? 

Karli of Kar’s Corner 

Say hi to Karli Chaviano! She's light and happiness, and she's a fashion and lifestyle blogger right here in (you guessed it) Alaska. Beyond all the happy feelings floating around, she drops links and tips to fabulous products you must know about. All while serving as a full time service member in the Air Force!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of these inspirers? There's a lot of greatness listed above, but I promise you these ladies won't disappoint.  

It’s obvious why a community such as this one has the power to encourage and inspire us to be our best! Cheers to that! 

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