Join Us in the Giving Tuesday Military Movement!

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Tomorrow, Dec. 1 is Giving Tuesday Military!

One simple act of kindness can change the world. It’s about something bigger than ourselves...and it all starts with YOU!

We invite you to join us in the Giving Tuesday Military movement, which challenges our military members, families, veterans, and our patriotic supporters to 1 Million Acts of Intentional Kindness!

All you have to do participate on our team for this fun event is:

>>> Share your act of intentional kindness on social media and tag @wilcosupply and @givingtuesdaymilitary! <<<

Here are some ideas!

  • Leave a small treat or present in your mailbox for your mail carrier.
  • Buy someone a cup of coffee or pay for the person behind you in line at a coffee hut/drive thru.
  • Write an email or thank you note to your child’s teacher for all their efforts during the pandemic.
  • Kindness starts at home: surprise your child with his or her favorite meal or activity (depending on where you live... impromptu sledding session, bike ride, etc!).

Giving Tuesday Military was started by 3 military spouses who wanted to create something special that would unite all the branches of service in a collective effort to serve with purpose and in kindness. 

These acts of kindness don't need to be elaborate - simple and thoughtful is great!

Join us in bringing joy to others!
Thank you,
Kaye Paraoan & Amy Slinker


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