MilSpouse Pin-Worthy Projects: Macramé Feather Earrings

Meet Bianca Sierra, the third Military Spouse we're featuring this fall in our MilSpouse Pin-Worthy Projects blog series!  With fall holidays looking a bit different this year, we're turning to some of our Military Spouse friends for inspiration to make celebrations at home extra special. 
I met Bianca and her husband when they attended one of our last pop-up events at our showroom earlier this year. Bianca's husband is in the Air Force and they have completely embraced the Alaska life while stationed here at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

Bianca shared her talent for macramé with me and explained she was starting a new business, Northern Knots Macramé! Her work is so beautiful - I want all of her  macramé wall hangings and plant hangers for my house! I can't wait to collab more with her - from pop-up markets to macramé classes at our showroom! In the meantime, we're excited she's sharing her step-by-step instructions for these gorgeous feather earrings. I want to make some to wear at Thanksgiving dinner - and these would make awesome holiday gifts, too!


Macramé Feather Earrings

Guest Author: Bianca Sierra

One of the best things about macramé is its versatility. You can use it to create gorgeous, intricate, large scale wall hangings, as well as cute and fun keychains. Today, I’ll teach you how to create an easy, but very popular item: feather earrings.


Step 1: Gather your materials. You’ll need scissors, a comb, cord/string, earring hardware, and a setting spray. Earring hardware is typically available at your local craft store, but there are also cheap options online. Setting spray is also at craft stores, but household hairspray will do the trick, too.

Step 2:
Thread one long cord through your earrings. This will be the length of your earring. It’s always best to start big, and trim down from there.

Step 3: Fold a cord in half and place it under the long string, perpendicular.

Step 4:
Fold another cord in half and place it on top of the long string, perpendicular. Both of your folded cords should be on top of each other, but facing opposite directions.


Step 5: Thread the open cords through each loop and pull tight. Repeat this step 4-6 times, until you get your desired size of earring.

Step 6: Brush out the cord with a comb, then trim it to your desired shape and size. Hold onto the last knot of your earring as your brush, to prevent it from slipping off the long cord.


Step 7:
Spray to stiffen the cord. All done!


You can find more of Bianca's creations on her Instagram or Facebook at @northernknotsmacrame and her website at
You can also catch her in person teaching DIY classes at the Anchorage Cider House. Her next class will be a Plant Hanger Class on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 6pm!

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