MilSpouse Pin-Worthy Projects: Mr. Bones Charcuterie Board

With fall holidays looking a bit different this year, we're turning to some of our Military Spouse friends for inspiration to make celebrations at home extra special. We hope you enjoy this second post in our 3-part blog series!

You may recognize Maria Reed from Today with Hoda & Jenna, The Kelly Clarkson Show, or Better Homes and Gardens! For all of you HGTV fans, add to your must-watch list, "Moving With The Military," Maria's home improvement series about military families. She and her team honor military families with surprise home makeovers, empower military spouses, create connections through community building DIY events, and help improve the mental health wellness of military families. All while giving America a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of today's military families. With all Maria does for the military community, it was no surprise that she was named the 2019 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year for the Army!

I was introduced to Maria by another amazing military spouse, Moni Jefferson, who co-founded My Ultimate PCS app with Maria. So grateful to be a part of the military and veteran spouse community!

Maria is a DIY pro, so we're thrilled she's a part of our Pin-Worthy Project series! Can't wait to make our own Mr. Bones Charcuterie Board this Halloween weekend!

Mr. Bones Charcuterie Board

Guest Author: Maria Reed

I am a firm believer that it’s always a good time for a charcuterie! Autumn is a great time to incorporate delicious seasonal sweet and savory snacks. And since Halloween may look a little different this year, I have a great idea to add spooky fun for your small gatherings.

Whether your family is grazing on snacks while you incorporate fun and spooky stay-at home activities, or you have a handful of close friends enjoying a socially distanced kickoff to the Holiday season, Check out how I decorated Mr. Bones, a decoration that’s been a family favorite for years, and get ready to impress this Halloween.

A traditional charcuterie board is full of a mix of hard and soft cheeses, cured meats, bite-sized fruits, nuts, olives and crusty breads or crackers… Yummmm! Are you hungry yet? You can incorporate dips like mustards and jellies, as well as sliced dessert breads and small cookies, seasonal fruits and veggies, and unique sweet and savory bites that will be sure to thrill!

Keeping with a Halloween theme, you can get even more creative.  We even mixed in zoodles to rep seasonal zucchini and squashes which are sooo tasty this time of year. Blending other fall flavors like pumpkin, figs, apple, and autumn spices will be a hit. You can also try color schemes that scream Halloween. Dark, rich colors give us the perfect vibes. Dark berries, dried fruits and nuts, black olives and chocolates. The options are endless, and the perfect fall flavors are easy to create!

For a great charcuterie board, you should start with quality ingredients. When you go shopping, begin with the cheeses and cured meats. This is a great opportunity to try something new. From there, keep in mind small bites you may already have in your home, or family favorites you can create from your pantry. Fill in the gaps considering some of the suggestions I have given here, or run with your own Halloween inspiration. Incorporating Halloween decorations like Mr. Bones will be a fun and festive way to celebrate this year.

Finally, remember to celebrate safely this year. Local and state safety guidelines are different throughout the country. I encourage you to follow what’s best for you and yours this Halloween. and I’m linking a few things that might help.  A great idea I have seen is using these long handled grabbers, or some kind of individual scoops to keep fingers off the goodies. You can also consider individual containers for dips, and here are some of my favorite Hocus Pocus themed face masks to add some fun if you’re not in costume.

Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween. Stay tuned for more crafts, recipes and ideas that will keep this spooky season fresh and fun.

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