Our Story: WILCO SUPPLY, a Woman-Owned Small Business

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We are strongest when we cheer each other on.” - Serena Williams

In honor of Women's History Month, I figured I’d share a little bit about how WILCO SUPPLY came to be.

The short story would be this: through the support and encouragement from fellow female business owners (and my family, of course!). The long story?

Well, I invite you to keep reading...

The beginning wasn’t easy. It was hard work.

If you’re wishing to create your own business or brand and aren’t sure where to begin, I’m here to offer you some reassurance. I was stuck for a long time trying to figure out how to create this business.

I started out with a blog based on advice from one of my best friends, Marie Yates. It took quite some time to decide on the name of the blog, and I finally landed on "WILCO LIFE."

Why? Because, as a National Guard member myself, I struggled to find bags and accessories I could wear while in uniform. I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this struggle! So, through this blog, I featured items, from black bags to gloves, and other accessories that were compliant with regulations.

As I continued to expand my knowledge of what was compliant and what wasn’t, I started forming a plan on which companies I would target to purchase wholesale and offer to other service members (and their loved ones) to purchase from. I started selling items as a "pop-up shop" periodically at the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Military Mall. 

Amy Slinker WILCO SUPPLY Pop-Up Shop

And then, WILCO SUPPLY was born!

In 2018, I unveiled a new logo and name, WILCO SUPPLY, as we opened a showroom in Anchorage! The showroom was located at The Boardroom entrepreneurial hub and coworking space on 5th Avenue to reach the more than one million visitors who come to explore our town each year.

I expanded my team, providing opportunities to military spouses, veterans, and reservists.  We also took another huge step, offering our entire supply online to offer shipping across the country to meet the needs of our nation’s military, as well as their spouses, families, and civilian friends.

Today, WILCO SUPPLY is for everyone!

Now, in 2021, I’m proud to say that both military and civilian families rely on WILCO SUPPLY for our minimalist styles as well as a place to show their support for a military entrepreneur, veteran spouse-owned brand.

Our brand truly is about so much more than selling bags and accessories. Ultimately, it’s my continued mission to be a lifestyle brand that unites service members, veterans, their families and the community that supports them. 

As a thank you for being on this ride with me as a female business owner and for your support, I invite you to join our new, exclusive Facebook group WILCO SUPPLY Insiders! In addition to WILCO SUPPLY special deals and early access to launches, you'll get a glimpse into life here in Alaska, plus everyday lifestyle shares.

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