Our Favorite Jewelry this Easter

With Easter already around the corner, I’ve been taking the time to reflect on the importance of what that holiday means to everyone. For me personally, whether I’m at church or just living my everyday life, I keep my faith at the center of everything I do. For those with similar beliefs, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s nice to have that little reminder or feeling of protection close to our hearts.

We carry accessories here at WILCO SUPPLY specifically for this reason!

B.U. Jewelry

B.U. Jewelry | Protection for your Journey

St. Christopher, whose name means "Christ-bearer," is recognized as the patron saint of travelers for carrying the Christ child safely across a river upon his shoulders. Our St. Christopher necklace makes a great gift for travelers seeking a blessing of protection for their journey and safe return home.

The sterling silver St. Christopher medal is accented with a tiny 22k gold vermeil key. The necklace is a 24” sterling silver ball chain. The Protection for Your Journey necklace is a modern and minimalist take on a traditional religious medal.

B.U. Jewelry Protection Necklace

B.U. Jewelry | Protection

As a Carmelite nun, St. Teresa dedicated her life to God. She joined a monastery and became a great visionary and founder of the order. Moreover, the scholar, writer and mystic was the first female Doctor of the church. This delicate necklace of St. Teresa looks great layered or as a stand alone accessory.

The sterling silver St. Theresa charm is accented with a delicate 24k gold vermeil cross. The necklace is a 24” sterling silver ball chain. The Protection necklace is also a unique, special religious medal.

Both necklaces would be the perfect gift for a Service Member to wear under their uniform or a gift for yourself to complete your Sunday outfit for Easter Service!

NLS Jewelry  

NLS Jewelry | Circle Tag Necklace

Our "It was then that I carried you" necklace is inspired by the poem "Footprints in the sand." Many of us saw this well-known poem hung at our relatives' houses growing up, so we love seeing this special message hand stamped on a necklace that we can keep with us anywhere we go. Whether you hang it in your bedroom or office, or wear it around your neck, it is a reminder that He is always with us.

NLS Jewelry Covert Cuff

NLS Jewelry | Covert Cuff 

Our NLS Jewelry Covert Cuff is a handmade brass cuff hand stamped with the quote "without the dark we never see the stars" on the inside. While it is light and subtle, the meaning behind it holds weight with a strong message. It's a great reminder that even through trying times where we feel like we are in the dark, we still have our faith to light the way.

Sword and Plough .50 Caliber Ring Necklace

Sword & Plough .50 Caliber Circle Necklace

Our Sword & Plough .50 Caliber necklace may not originally hold a religious reference but we believe the circle would be a beautiful addition to any Easter Sunday outfit.

A beautiful chest length piece hand-crafted from a .50 caliber shell casing. This necklace combines an elegant form with durable shell casing brass to create a look that is both rugged and refined.

Each piece is one of a kind and hand hammered from repurposed bullet casings.

Necklace measures 20" with an additional 2" extender.


- Kaye Paraoan

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