Support Small Businesses - Shop 1 in 5 this Holiday Season!

Your dollar goes further when you spend with small businesses. Your purchases have the ability to change lives!

Join us in our commitment to make 1 in 5 of our purchases this holiday season from a small business, online or “offline!” It's a way to make an impact together where (and when) it matters most.

When you buy from a small business, you're buying from a real person. You’re contributing to their family and household.

  • You’re helping them hire teams and support other businesses.
  • You’re helping them improve and build up local communities.
  • You’re keeping the economy going through your purchasing power.
  • You’re stimulating innovation and job creation.
To support amazing small businesses like WILCO SUPPLY, check out this Small Biz Shopping Directory! And, take the pledge here to shop 1 in 5 this holiday season!

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