Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

It’s the time of year when you want to show how much you love your special someone. Sometimes it’s through an act of kindness like picking up her favorite coffee before she wakes up or cooking her favorite meal. Sometimes it’s leaving her notes to remind her of the amazing woman she has become. And sometimes it’s surprising her with a gorgeous gift to say for you, I love you. Everyone shows their love in one way or another and with WILCO, we can help you say it in the best way. Here are our top picks we know she will absolutely love!


Gifts For Her:


Stella Valle Heart Bracelet

She’s simple. She’s driven. And when she looks at her wrist she’s reminded of your support in everything she does. Stella Valle’s bracelets have empowering messages so she will always keep her motivation and a piece from you close to her heart.

NLS Hera Earrings

Add a sparkle to her shine. Hera has a dazzling stone with a simple hoop design. For the minimalist who likes a little pop in her look, day or night these earrings go with anything!



Mighty Purse

Don’t get her any other purse this year. Get her genuine leather with a modern design, and one that charges her phone. Compatible with Samsung and iPhone products, this purse will always have her charged up anywhere she goes. She will be sure to appreciate how much you care.



Sword & Plough .50 Caliber Earrings

Handmade and crafted from .50 caliber shell casings, these earrings provide a classic look with a powerful story. Because these aren’t any other earrings, they’re a symbol for our warriors and who she stands for. I bet no one else will have a pair like these 😉.

This year spread the love. Whether it’s a big gift or something small make them feel extra special today. For him, for her, or just for you. Celebrate what you love or who you love and have a beautiful Valentine’s Day.








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